About Jimmy

Adventurer. Giver of Love. Entrepreneur.

The Purpose of my life is to share my tremendous love with all of Gods children. Bringing happiness to others through my playful soul and by being an example of living an extraordinary life!

Jimmy Rex


I live an extraordinary life.

I’ve traveled to dozens of countries around the world and visited with the most influential leaders in science, politics, professional sports and technology. Together we share the mantra of exploring the endless of the earth for truth and seeking an extraordinary life.

Spread LoveActs of Kindness

I share love to the world.

Sharing love with God’s children is my passion. That is why much of my career and life is dedicated to this goal. I have been blessed to create an array of charity events raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for the less fortunate who need our help.


Build the EmpireSuccessful Entrepreneur

As a trusted real estate leader, I have helped thousands in my career.

Building businesses is what I do best. It’s not the wealth or success that drives me but the ability to achieve and to create. I also enjoy helping to mentor others build their own empire awhile being mentored myself from the industry’s top leaders.

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