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November 22, 2017by jimmyrexshow
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The Jimmy Rex Show is officially launched and I couldn’t be happier about it.  Over the years I’ve had so many people come into my life with great advice and amazing stories and I just felt like I needed a platform to share some of it with all of you.  I am inspired daily by the amazing people I come across and many of them are living right here in Utah.

Just yesterday a great friend of mine celebrated 5 years sober from a lifetime of Heroine and alcohol abuse.  I saw this man from across the plexiglass in jail 5 1/2 years ago at his rock bottom, today he runs a thriving nutrition company with a dozen employees.  He inspires others, myself include, to live a healthy lifestyle and get the most out of this life.  He will for sure be a future guest on the show as he is one of so many inspiring people that have a message of hope and overcoming obstacles to truly live an extraordinary life.
I personally have been through the roller coaster ride that has been real estate since 2005.  I got my license as an agent almost out of accident, mostly out of necessity.  I had been selling meat door to door for a few years and had a thriving company “Nebraska Meat Network” when one day we sold a franchise of the company to a man in St. George.  Rather than put the $50,000 in the bank, my business partner at the time disappeared for 2 weeks.  That is when I discovered that he had his own drug problem and all of a sudden I was another $50,000 in debt.
With tears in my eyes I told my partner that I was going to have to shut down the company and I couldn’t do this as a business partner anymore.  I took on $120,000 debt and went out determined to start selling houses. At those low times I had mentors like Mike Ferry, Bill Pipes, audios of Tony Robbins, Zig Zigler, and any other book on tape I could get my hands on to inspire me to move forward.  It took me almost 3 years to pay off all of the debtors but when I wrote that last check to Mountain America for the business loan, it was the best feeling I’d ever had.
My journey to where I am now has had a lot of help along the way.  I have now sold over 1800 homes in my real estate career.  I have an amazing team full of my best friends and we enjoy every day going to work to help others.  But it is all these people that have helped shape me, clients, friends, and just business leaders that I want to share with all of you.  We all have struggles and trials to overcome and I am confident that this podcast will be a launching pad to help anyone, no matter where you are currently in your life, pick up some of the life hacks and messages you’ll need to live life to the fullest.  To truly wake up every day and know that you have an extraordinary life.  Thanks for checking it out and the plan is to keep releasing a new episode every single Wednesday so that you always have another inspiring podcast to help you in your day! Much love!

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