Podcast Episode #04 – Tim Ballard

November 22, 2017by jimmyrexshow

A little over 3 years ago I was sitting in a networking meeting Connectshare up in Salt Lake City and I heard a man get up and speak named Paul Hutchinson.  He had recently returned from a trip to Colombia where he had gone under cover in a sting operation to help rescue children that were being sex trafficked in that country.  The story of course touched me and I knew immediately I wanted to support this charity he spoke of named Operation Underground Railroad.

Originally Paul blew me off as he had experienced a lot of people telling him they wanted to help out only to have them back away as soon as he asked them to help raise money or awareness.  I wanted to let them know I was serious so I told Paul that I was going to be a part of this and I was going to be on these operations to help rescue children.
Fast forward a few months after I donated enough money to let them know I was serious and I was at a dinner party meeting for the first time the founder of the organization Tim Ballard.  After hearing his passion for what they were doing I got even more excited and decided to help raise enough money to fund a couple of missions.  I also started training in fight to kill combat so that I could one day be ready if they ever needed me for a mission.  Fast forward to New Years Eve 2 years ago and I got my first chance to be part of an op! We were in Latin America is all that I can say but I got to spend several days with Tim and his team and I saw first hand how he let God guide them to help rescue the children in need.
The op was a success and overall 15 girls were rescued that day and 4-5 traffickers were taken out of society so they could no longer hurt other children.  One of which was a middle school teacher that was using her position to lure these young girls into a life of hell.  The feeling of being there and seeing this first hand was something that I will never forget.  I knew I’d spend the rest of my life helping Tim, Paul, and their team in any way that I can.
Attached is the video from my cell phone on that first op a few years ago.  The code word had been given and I knew the police would be barging in any second so I pulled out my phone to help capture a little of what was going on.  It’s not the best video ever and they arrest us too so I was trying not to be seen but you can get a good feel for how the rescue went down.

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