Podcast Episode #01 – Dave Bateman

November 22, 2017by jimmyrexshow
As I went through my 20’s I kept hearing about all of these different tech billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg and the founders of Google. I often wondered if I chose the wrong career path.  I always wondered if I shouldn’t have put more time and effort into creating some kind of tech company that could change the world.  Even locally I would hear of company after company that would grow, sell or go public such as Omniture, Vivint, and so many others.
I noticed new companies popping up around the point of the mountain like Nuvi, MX, and Entrata.  I always thought about what could have been if I had gone that route. Why had I chosen real estate and should have I tried to start a big tech company like so many others around me.  That is until the day I met and really got to know Dave Bateman.
Rewind here a bit…..
Every year since 2011 I’ve thrown a Sub 4 Santa charity auction.  It started 7 years ago cause I was having a rough Christmas being alone and I wanted to lose myself in charity instead of feeling bad about my circumstances.  I decided a good goal would be to raise $1500 so we could sponsor 10 kids or so with Christmas.  I wasn’t sure of the best way to raise the money but decided that I could leverage my network a little bit and host a charity date auction.  I called 20-25 of my closest friends and we went to work.
Well the auction went a lot better than we thought it would and we ended up raising around $30,000.  Keep in mind this was 2011 when they economy was terrible. It was one of the most inspired things I had ever seen.  I had friends like Dan Swiss help me create a stage last minute.  Dan Gardner wearing a mankini to raise extra funds.  Alan Malae spending half his Christmas eve with me delivering presents to the kids up at the University hospital waiting for a kidney transplant.  With the help of over 75 volunteers we ended up providing an amazing Christmas for almost 200 kids.  It was addicting.  It was amazing.  And we have kept doing it every year ever since.
Fast forward to the event 2 years ago I decided to move the auction party to Sky, the best club in downtown SLC.  I was selling VIP dinner tickets for $100 each and one guy I’d never known named Dave Bateman bought 20 of them.  I knew right away this was my kind of man and a guy that I needed to know.  He supported us that night and after a few other lunches and experiences together Dave and I became close friends.
I’ve learned more lessons from Dave than almost any other human I’ve ever met.  In this podcast episode I think a lot of that will come out.  More than anything though I just learned of the genius of this man and I realized for the first time that I didn’t screw up by not trying to build a tech company.  I realized that Dave and hence probably all of these tech CEO’s and founders are literally just that much smarter than I am! I was so relieved cause I realized yet again that I had chosen a profession that maximized my talents and skills and I was never going to be able to build something like what Dave had done.  Today Entrata software employs over 1500 people and has been profitable since nearly the very beginning.
When I thought of doing this podcast Dave was one of the first people I thought of to bring on cause i know that through hearing his story you will be inspired to do huge things with your life.  I don’t focus on the fact that I couldn’t build what Dave has, but I recognized that his challenges were similar as anyones and over and over again he had to grow as a person to figure them out.  This is the message that I got from Dave that has inspired me to shoot even bigger in my profession as a realtor and to strive to do exceptional things with my life. Enjoy!

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